Planning Services

An event planner, simply put, is an extension of YOU!!!  We are there every step of the way to ensure you enjoy your event from beginning to end.  Our seamless planning process gives you the piece of mind in knowing that your celebration will be handled professionally.




partial planning

Our partial or “Just Enough” planning package is perfect for the client who needs a little more help than just a day/month of coordinator. This service includes our J.ust E.ssentials package, while adding vendor assistance, design conception and design execution. The client that selects this package, has probably starting a few details and is looking for that extra guidance and advice. By allowing our expertise to deliver your vision with ENOUGH precision, ensures your wedding day flows smooth and flawlessly!




month of planning

Our month of or “Just Essentials" planning package is perfect for the client that wants to plan and design their own wedding. We meet with you to discuss all of your unique decisions so that we are all on the same page. Six weeks before your wedding, we review your final selections to create a custom itinerary. Once we receive your stamp of approval, we contact and communicate your timeline to all of your vendors. Your rehearsal and wedding day ESSENTIALS are handled seamlessly, while you are able to truly be present creating life lasting memories!




full planning

Our full or “Just Enjoy” planning package is perfect for the client who doesn’t know where to begin. They are wanting a professional planner to guide them through their entire experience. We are there to get every detail handled (in my Olivia Pope This service includes both the J.ust E.ssentials AND the J.ust E.nough packages.  We also incorporate many other elements - from creating your custom website, attending cake/food tasting, assembling invitations to coordinating your own personal parade for a second line. We truly manage your wedding life so that you can live your personal life. Let us do all the work, while you ENJOY your family and friends for such an important time in your life!



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