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We have been doing pipe and draping installation in New Orleans and surrounding areas for about 10 years now.  The attention to detail, is the reason you should consider Jazzi Events for your pipe and wall draping or ceiling draping for your event or wedding.  As a design and planning company it would be extremely easy to outsource one of the main elements of transforming a clients space but any clients that invest money, time and imagination needed to fully express what they are looking at seeing should be left up to just employees.  I personally supervise every job to ensure perfection.


 Chuppah Info:


The chuppah represents a Jewish home symbolized by the cloth canopy and the four poles. The chuppah has no sides or “walls’, only a cover over the top to show to all that this home is one that will always be open to family and friends. This “home” initially lacks furniture as a reminder that the basis of a home is the people within it, not the possessions. A chuppah symbolizes the home the couple will build together. Today, couples of all faiths enjoy this beautiful wedding tradition.




A Wedding Chuppah has a roof or ceiling. We offer a variety of ceiling fabric colors, styles and textures. A Chuppa used in the evening is often decorated with accent lighting. Beautiful washes of color can provide theatrical highlight or light strands and twinkle lights are also used.


A few things to consider:


Is the ceiling of the room high enough to accommodate?

Is the space able to accommodate the dimensions?

Is there easy access to the room?

Can the nearly 9 ft. foot poles fit an elevator?



Setting up a Wedding Chuppah is a several person job and has a fair degree of difficulty with a significant time investment.. Though some have successfully assembled a Wedding Chuppah, we don’t recommend this as a do it yourself project. You need ladders and several helpers.


Outdoor Conditons:


Chuppah cannot withstand high winds. The fabric acts as a sail and high winds tend to make the canopies blow over. A canopy that is staked to the ground, can be used outside with minimum worry. If the canopy is to be on a hard surface (like cement or on a deck), sand bags may be used. We cannot guarantee that a canopy will withstand extremely windy conditions.






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